About us

About Us

This is the era of sciences wherein every act of ours whether personal or commercial is dominated, guarded or influenced by some or the other form of technology. The ease of communication  with the advent of newly found methods and tools of communication and sciences lead to unexplored  spheres in business and personal life which in turn necessitates a corresponding system of law and rules to keep such spheres  clear to protect your personal and commercial rights.

Whereas nations across the globe are working to keep the laws updated and evolve a system to regulate this barrier less world of technology. However it simultaneously requires someone who can take care of your rights arising out of any and all the technology influenced transaction that knowingly or unknowingly you initiate. It is with this guarding fundamental that we here at Technolegals LLP are working round the clock to provide you with the best of the services. Whether it is a very normal net banking transaction or drafting a complex and advanced technology related contract or auditing your personal blog or business related website our teams will help you with all of it.

Our teams are a fusion of technology experts and legal consultants, so that we have a clear and problem identifiable understanding of the situation for initiating a effective solution for the problem under consideration.  

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