At Techno Legals LLP we believe that every individual specially women must know the legal rights available to them under the Indian constitution & various laws / legislation framed by government of India. Women and children are most oppressed members of our society and for their protection Government of India has framed various laws, under which various rights have been granted, and our male and female members of society are unaware regarding their legal rights under these legislations.

Through corporate workshops, Techno Legals LLP offers companies and their staff the opportunity to reap the benefits of our vast legal knowledge through interactive legal workshops and seminars, sharing experiences through examples & precedents that can be applied in personal life & wide range of business transactions.

We at Techno Legals LLP customize our Legal workshops and seminars according to specific needs & requirements of organizations, at the same time doing seminars on topics like "Sexual Harassment at Workplace" which are compulsory / mandatory under the law. 

Workshops & Seminars on topics like " Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences" must be organized by every corporate which employs working parents & must be attended by every working parent who has left his/her minor child behind at home, or has sent his/her child to school where the child is vulnerable to "Acts of Sexual Abuse" by school bus staff, school staff, teachers, relatives and even close family members. As per reported cases, minor Boys are more vulnerable to "Sexual Abuse" than minor Girls. This seminar is important for every parent & must be attended to understand where the child is vulnerable to Sexual Abuse, what steps & precautions must be taken by parents to prevent such Sexual Abuse of Children, and in the event your child has been subjected to Sexual Abuse, what are the remedies available under the law to get justice.

We organize Workshops & Seminars on following Legal Topics :

  1. 1.       Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.
  2. 2.       Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences. 
  3. 3.       Risks of using Social Media, Cyber laws, Cyber Crimes, Data Privacy. 
  4. 4.       Rights of Women against Domestic Violence. 
  5. 5.       Rights of Women in Matrimonial Life. 
  6. 6.       Rights of Women against Molestation and Sexual Abuse.