Domain disputes


The very transactional simplicity of Domain name registration has made it a complex affair in case of a dispute arises. Mainly cybersquatting or unintentional usage of domain names, which involves the pre-emptive registration of trademarks by third parties as domain names. The first-come, first-served nature of the domain name registration system whether to register name of trademarks, famous people or businesses has been misused by such cyberquatters. They take advantage of relatively simple and inexpensive processes of registration and often register hundreds of such names as domain names. Based on the very basic investement that such people put in they usually immediately put such domain names up for auctions, or negotiate directly with the actual or valid person or company as the case may be and offer buy back of these domain names at in exorbitant prices.

 Alternatively, they often keep the registration and use the good name of the person or business associated with that domain name to attract business for their own sites.

 Sans pre screening mechanism of the domain name registrant at the time of registering a domain name further complicates the very nature of these disputes .While the immense growth of e-commerce which has given more weightage to the value of domain names on the Internet as an asset has led to increased cybersquatting with a resultant increase in number of disputes and litigation between the cybersquatters and the businesses or individuals whose names have been registered in bad faith. 

Technolegals LLP assist, support and navigate you to resolve domain disputes via various options available depending upon the facts of the dispute under consideration qua the  stakes involved.