In the present times a very critical and valuable investment that a company makes is the investment of time and money in the creation of valuable intellectual property (IP).  However, surprisingly these companies miscalculate the importance of securing their rights to commercially exploit and protect such IP.  The quality of the contracts surrounding the creation of such IP is the most important factor in securing and effectuating the Intellectual Property Rights commercial exploitation and valuation of such IP.   

The stakes and exposure involved with such IP clearly requires assistance and advice of experienced techno-legal consultants to help you protect your rights with respect to the IP.

At Techno Legals LLP, we assist our clients in the creation, acquisition, use, protection, and commercial exploitation of technology and associated intellectual property. Our teams consist of experts with capabilities to effectively handle all aspects of intellectual property law including copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret law.  We have extensive experience in structuring IP transactions so our clients benefit from their IP portfolio and enforce their IP rights against infringers. 

Techno Legals LLP believe in keeping a clarity to effectively  communicate a clear picture and understanding to  our clients regarding the nature and kind of  IP they own and ways to  protect their IP assets including copyright, trademark, and patent filings to conducting IP audits to evaluate our client's ownership and rights in their IP portfolios. 

We have broadly classified the services related to Intellectual Property Rights as listed below.

  • IP management and licensing
  • Registration of trademarks
  • Non-disclosure & non-compete agreements
  • IP risk assessments
  • IP due diligence for asset purchase, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Copyright, trademark, and patent licensing
  • IP asset purchase agreements
  • Intellectual property audits