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   Any business need congenial business atmosphere and minimum regulatory friction to evolve itself from various structuring phases  to stage of earning profits. It becomes all more important when  the backbone of your business is Information Technology as what you are relying upon is a non tangible commodity. 

Why you need us ?

If you fall in any of the following categories :

Have a business idea in mind but don't know how to take it ahead ! 

Have a business Idea and a team of friends and professional colleagues  but still not sure of  the structure !

Already  running a business and now on stage of expansion  but wish to minimize your exposure !

Still in stage of negotiation with your future team mates and unable to define  your shares and rights!

Already running a business and need support for day to day legal contracts as you  are unaware of  the heavy contracts that you have to sign takes your commercial bandwidth. 

 What we do ?

As your Legal support system we provide you with thorough understanding of your legal requirements and assist you in minimizing any possible exposures that you may have. 

If you are in stage of  realizing and implementing your business concept we assist you in evolving it into a formal business structure keeping it light and swift with minimal exposures . We help in identifying the right kind of business model for you  starting from agreeable terms between business partners  and developing them into enforceable contracts,  Identifying the nature and kind of IPR -assets that you are bringing on the table. Helping you in forming  most suitable legal entity and registering related patents /trademarks and Industrial designs if any. 
Taking care of statutory/governmental  regulations that may be incidental to your business. 

Assisting you in evolving your dream into a mega business.  
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